Thursday, September 3, 2015

Eleven months with Youuuuuuuuuuu

As the video below attests, at around 10 1/2 months you began standing up on your own and taking strides forward. You can be quite talkative and chatty at home, although you tend to be more reserved in public and when among people you don't know well. You're a happy, little guy. You are willing to take risks and be adventurous. While at the beach, you will animatedly crawl towards the waves and you'll even try to quickly walk forward when you pull yourself up to standing - but gravity and your inexperience brings you tumbling down onto the seashore. You know how to fall, however, so even when we are on harder surfaces I don't have to worry too much about your falling, for you are not reckless. I know that with time who you are will continue to transform and evolve and I am willing to grow with you, to let you be where you are in most moments. Unless I'm stressed out and lacking sleep - as happened today when you were screaming in the car, probably from your two lower teeth that have almost broken through. In which case, as you grow bigger and I grow a lot older, I hope you will be compassionate with me. Sometimes, during this now with you when I experience a love so profound that it is unlike anything else in my life, I will make mistakes - like demanding you be somewhere other than where you are. I am sorry, my sweet boy. Accepting my own humanity is still something that I am working on. So, if I were to want anything for you - aside from that which you wish for yourself - I hope that you will accept and love yourself totally and completely. As you are, human, imperfect, frail and flawed while also being so amazingly strong and perfect. Just you, how you are now, in this moment, no need to change, no need to feel shame or sorrow. Just the joy of being, alive, free and human - as you so beautifully demonstrate now.

Posted by Cara H. Cadwallader on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

9 Months Old!!!!

I ran out of coffee, but I don't think I need any now. This is what my morning is like.
Posted by Burt Lo on Tuesday, June 30, 2015
My dear sun, How much joy and light you bring into our lives, every single moment. When you wake from sleep, you sit up with a smile (unless you're still hungry, of course) and then you crawl your way either up your sleeping papa, who was napping beside you, or out to find me wherever I am. At just over eight months old, your crawl progressed into the full fledged cross crawl shortly after we moved into our new apartment. With brand new, clean carpets, we would demonstrate for you what to do as well as entice you with the jingling of keys as we patiently waited for you at the end of the hall, or in the bedroom. Your two, top teeth cut through your gums a little over two weeks ago. During the week before that, you were waking about every half hour through the night but aside from that, teething with you has been easy. Now, you've got the two teeth beside your top teeth making their way down. You are also pulling yourself up to standing and making a symphony of different sounds and noises. It appears that with your ability to exert more energy, you are sleeping longer blocks during the night. This, however, is still hit and miss and this has been the hardest part about raising you - there isn't a lot of sleep to go around! (Yet.) And, what you're teaching me is that sleep is over rated and that "I'll sleep when I'm dead." Ha! Your Papa and I are having so much fun witnessing your growth as well as being together as a family unit. Together, we are united in love, focused on our collective and individual intentions and just super content to be in these moments now. We are also excited to watch how all of this affects and effects you as a being. We adore you now and always. May you find the strength and wisdom to love yourself throughout your lifetime, your Mama & Papa